Photo of Mario

I'm a German technology and bicycle nerd living in the area of Freiburg im Breisgau and greater Nuremberg area (Germany).

My strong interest in computers, programming and everything related started already by the age of 10. When I became 16 years old, I ran my own business to sell personal computers and providing services to install them. During my studies I extended my portfolio and provided also software development services to clients. I graduated from Växjö University (Sweden) and hold a MSc in Computer Science.

Tiny things were always fascinating to me, so also the hidden microcontollers embedded in all the devices surrounding us. Therefore I decided to dive into the automotive area and the development of powerful, safe and state of the art embedded ECUs (electronic control units). Over the years I gained a profound knowledge in embedded software engineering, architectures and processes. I switched to management roles and became Product Owner and Project Manager but never lost the interest in the actual technology.

In my spare time I love building machines such as FDM 3D printers and bicycles. Of course I also enjoy riding my bicycles. Some of the best time in my life I spent on trips with them. I enjoy very much long distance cycling and brevets organized in accordance of Randonneurs Mondiaux. In 2019 I succesfully participated in the french long-distance cycling event Paris-Brest-Paris.